Football Wonderkid was dreamt up a couple of years ago, typically in conversation with my brother about the most talented players coming from the youth systems around the world. I’d flirted with the idea of having my own site after watching countless football matches to identify the next Gullit, Baggio or Maldini, and read articles from World Soccer magazine who seemed to have the most knowledgeable journalists in South America.

I remember reading about this kid from Corinthians called Ronaldo who was scouted out to the closest thing to Pele… and they weren’t wrong. He ended being remembered for one of the most explosive forwards the game has ever seen.

Now, FootballWonderKid is a database for soccer fans alike, we use our scouting team to watch as many youth and lower league football matches as possible to unearth tomorrow’s talent today.  Our dedicated journalists have local knowledge about their teams and

Please enjoy and share with your friends and family alike.